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Forté Live offers a full range of professional, broadcast and live streaming facilities for both location and studio video and audio recording. 

Besides our 4K cameras, multi-track audio and high-end post-production resources, we can supply streaming interface to both public channels (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc) and private channels that can be secure, password-protected streams for corporate use.
Forté's post production resources include full audio re-mix, multi-camera picture editing, titling, colour-grading, audio re-striping and Mastering to any format.
  • Forté records audio and video to current industry best practice, in digital formats at very high bit rates.

  • Our systems use Blackmagic, Apple, SanDisk and Dante equipment and protocols.

  • Currently Forté are equipped with Blackmagic vision mixers for live streaming and full iso recording.

  • Smaller gigs can be serviced with 4 channel devices, and large scale gigs to 16 channels of vision mixing.

  • All mixers allow built-in titling, video replay, iso recording and multi-view and confidence monitoring.

  • Forté is equipped with a range of Sennheiser, Rode and Shure mics, and through our partnerships we can also provide Schoeps and Neumann mics.

  • For corporate events we can provide lavalier (lapel) mics and roving hand mics for audience member questions.

  • Classical Music - Forté Live partners with Haig Burnell

  • Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country, and others - Forté Live uses Empire Studios under the supervision of Trevor Carter (see genre list here:

  • Corporate Events & Comedy - Forté Live re-mixes in house

  • Forté video monitoring includes full multi-view systems and we can also provide confidence monitors to presenters.

  • Audio monitoring is studio state of the art at remix, and on location we offer speaker, foldback, headphones and in-ear monitoring systems.

  • Forté has a range of cameras in different formats and resolutions, suitable to the task at hand. 

  • We are capable of shooting 4K, 2K and Go-Pro style in-house, and can provide 6K and 8K when required at additional cost. 

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